Celebrating You

Because we are invested in you.

Please join us as we host our annual Membership Appreciation Days.

Each year, we make a trip to each of our branches to show our members how thankful we are for their credit union membership. The day is filled with music, food and games. At most branches, we will be serving delicious Doug’s Meats burgers and hot dogs. If you haven’t had them yet, we aren’t just hyping them up for no reason. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. If you are in the neighborhood, we would love to meet you and hang out for a while as you grab some free lunch and Swag.

Did we say swag? You know we did. We make sure that we bring tons of giveaways and prizes to each event, as we know that our membership loves getting free stuff with our logo on it. Whether you are looking for our t-shirts, stress balls, tape measurers… or maybe even a fidget spinner; the only way to find out what we are giving away is to show up and grab some for yourself.

We have our full schedule of membership appreciation days on our Calendar, so take a look and see when we will be there. For your convenience, the dates are listed below:

Branch Date
Arco July 14, 2017
Saint Anthony July 21, 2017
Challis July 27, 2017
Salmon July 18, 2017
Rexburg August 11, 2017
Freeman (Idaho Falls) August 18, 2017
Ammon August 25, 2017
Shelley September 1, 2017
Main (Idaho Falls) September 22, 2017

We look forward to seeing you there. Remember, everyone is invited. If you aren’t a member, we would love to meet you and feed you some free lunch! If you want to learn more about our Loan Services, Account Services, or even just our Member Benefits; we can help you out there too!