Card Management

Control all your Frontier Credit Union debit and credit cards from your mobile app or on eBranch.


Card Management lets you take control of your card. Choose how and where your card works. Don’t want your card to work internationally, online, or for purchases over $150? You can do that and so much more with Card Management.

Now available in eBranch and the Mobile App!

  • Quickly turn your cards on or off

  • Manage real-time alerts on card transactions

  • Easily create travel notification when leaving the US

  • Report cards as lost or stolen

  • And so much more!

About Card Management

Card Status

Quickly turn your card on or off with the click of a button.

Report Lost/Stolen

Let us know if you need to terminate the card and get a new one.

Set Travel Notices

We use this information to make sure your cards aren’t declined while you are traveling. You can set a travel notice for up to 1 month.

Card Nicknames

Rename your cards in eBranch or the app to whatever you like.

Alerts and Controls

You can choose to receive a real time alert every time one of your cards is used or you can pick and choose.

Delivery Notifications

Choose between a push notification, text message, or email. You control the delivery option for each card individually.