Sucursal virtual

Frontier Credit Union is excited to announce our new Virtual Branch solution! With Virtual Branch, you can contact us using video, audio, phone, or chat as team members are available for each service. This makes it easy for you to get the help you need when you need it. We’re here to help you meet your financial goals, and our new digital support solution makes it easier than ever for you to do just that!

Here’s how it works:

  • Find our widget on the bottom right side of the screen on our website, Online Banking, and application platforms.

Sucursal virtual
  • Choose what tool you would like to use to communicate with an operator. Video and Audio tools will use the microphone, speaker or camera of the device you are using.

  • Wait until an operator answers and start chatting! For security, we will always verify your identity before disclosing any information regarding your account.

  • Voice Call
    Say goodbye to call fees by using your device audio and microphone to call us directly from our online platforms. You can also request a call directly to your phone, whether your line is domestic or international – just leave your number and we will call you!
  • Live Chat
    For general inquiries, type up your question and receive a quick response on-screen from us. For specific matters, we will verify your identity via audio to ensure account security. You can also choose to receive the chat transcript for your own records.
  • Video Chat
    For interacting face-to-face, call us with video and get the complete experience, just as if you were visiting the branch. You can see us and talk to us using your device’s camera and microphone – or even only microphone.
  • Co-Browsing
    On-screen guidance for opening accounts, filling out forms, submitting wires and e-transfers, browsing online banking and much more! We will walk you through the platform while looking at your screen and showing you exactly where to click.
  • File Sharing
    Send us documents and images needed to complete applications or to update your information by simply uploading the file saved on your device.
  • Availability
    These features are currently available on our website and Online Banking during business hours (9 am-5:30 pm MST) as team members are available for each service. Try it out today and enjoy all the convenience of this new level of digital support!