Notice to Members With Open End Lines of Credit

•Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
•Personal Lines of Credit
•Credit Cards

East Idaho Credit Union understands that the financial impact of COVID-19 hit quickly for many of our members. We are acting just as quickly with a payment suspension program for all members who have a Home Equity Line of Credit, Personal Line of Credit or Credit Card.

•What: 90 day suspension of payments
•When: Beginning with your March payments
•Duration: Effective March through May 2020

For the next three months your open ended loan(s) will show an amount due of $0. We encourage you to continue to make your normal monthly payments, or even a portion of your regular payments, as scheduled. If you cannot make your payments or wish to skip your normal payments, your payments will be suspended each month until June of 2020, when your regularly scheduled payments will
If you have set up auto-pay, action may be required. We have suspended your payment, but it will not prevent your auto-payment from going through. If you would like to take advantage of thissuspension of payment you will need to cancel your auto-payment.

•If you used eBranch/mobile app to set up your auto-payment, please log in and cancel your payment.
•If you set your auto-payment with us and would like to cancel it, please contact us to do so.
•If you have an auto-payment set up at another institution, please contact that financial institution to cancel your automatic payment.

If your payment was posted and you intended on taking advantage of the suspension, or if your payment was not posted and you’d like to make a payment, contact us so we may assist you. To make a payment, you may also visit our eBranch at or our East Idaho Credit Union mobile app.
Please know that there is no fee or rate penalty to take advantage of this suspension. However, if you do not make your normally scheduled payments, your duty to pay the loan principal and interest is only suspended and interest continues to accrue during the period of suspension.
You are still required to fully repay the loan after the period of suspension has expired. This includes interest accumulated during the period of suspension. Taking advantage of the suspension will increase the time it takes to fully repay your loan.