Last Line of Defense

Overdraft Protection

Life happens, but thankfully overdraft fees don’t have to. Here at East Idaho Credit Union, our members are our top priority so we want to ensure that when unexpected financial burdens arise, we can help you with the resources you need to cover them with this overdraft protection.

That’s where Last Line of Defense comes in. It is designed to help relieve the stress that comes when ends don’t quite meet, that way you can focus your attention on more important tasks.

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Last Line of Defense is overdraft protection for your debit card. It is the best way to make sure that every single purchase goes through, even if the funds aren’t currently in your account. Once you sign up for Last Line of Defense, East Idaho Credit Union will temporarily cover the cost of your purchases for a small fee. 

Without Last Line of Defense, if a transaction tries to go through and the funds aren’t available for it you’re charged a non-sufficient funds fee and the transaction will be declined.

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Make worrying that your card will be declined or that you’ll accumulate non-sufficient funds fees a thing of the past by visiting your local East Idaho Credit Union. Let one of our tellers know you want Last Line of Defense and leave confident in knowing that we’ve got you covered no matter what curveball life throws at you.