Individuals who switch to a credit union from a bank save a lot of money every single year. On average, it is estimated that you can save $84 per member, or $159 per member household. These savings come in the form of lower loan rates, no fees or lower fees, and many other benefits. The process to switch is easy, but we want to make sure that you still do it the right way so that it goes flawlessly.

  1. Join East Idaho Credit Union – Visit a branch or call us today. It is smart to make a small deposit in your new account before you make the full transition. Set up online banking, and take a few minutes to find the branch and network ATM locations that are closest to you!
  2. Change your direct deposit information. If you have it set up to get paid through direct deposit, you are going to want to speak with your employer and find out when they will be able to change your deposit to a new account. Talk to your human resource department to get more information.
  3. Identify what automatic withdrawals are coming our of your current account. Sometimes it is easier to get out a piece of paper and just make a list of everything. Depending on your direct deposit date that we figured out in step 2, reschedule your withdrawals from your new Frontier account after that first direct deposit goes through.
  4. Transfer the bulk of your money to your new Frontier account through an electronic transfer. If your current bank has a sizable fee for an electronic transfer, you can ask for your money in a check and then IMMEDIATELY transfer that check into your new account. It can be safe to leave some money in your old account as a sort of cushion. If there are a few transactions that take a month or two to clear, this cushion can make sure that you don’t have any unwanted fees to deal with.
  5. There are some banks out there that have fees for accounts with a low balance. Once you are sure that all transactions have cleared, it can be a good idea to close that account altogether.

Here are East Idaho Credit Union, we are the right professionals to help you make this switch. Call us at (800) 727-9961 or stop in today to make the easy switch and start working toward a successful financial future. We are invested in you, invested in community.