There has been some research within the credit union world about whether or not credit unions should charge for their mobile apps.

An article in the CU Times states that according to the study of 3,897 mobile bank app users, age is the biggest influencer on whether a person is willing to pay for mobile banking apps. They found that older millennials, age 26 to 35, are willing to pay a monthly fee to keep using these apps. This means that there are a lot of credit unions out there that are charging a fee to download, or even keep using their apps.

Here at East Idaho Credit Union, we don’t agree with that mentality. A mobile app should not be something that you need to make a decision on whether or not you want to fork over the extra cash to be able to check your account balances, transfer money, deposit a check on the go, or anything that comes with having our app on your phone. The East Idaho Credit Union mobile app can be downloaded on the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store for free!

On the East Idaho Credit Union App, you can:

  • View Accounts & Balances
  • Transfer From Accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • Deposit Checks
  • Earn Card Cash Rewards
  • Pay Others with Popmoney
  • Access our ATM & Branch Navigator using Google Maps

We don’t update it every week, because we don’t need to. Feel confident in downloading the SECURE app, and know that your finances are in your control. If you ever have questions about the app, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook. If you need some real hands on help, you can stop by any of Frontier’s local branches.