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I/we are willingly participating in recording this episode and sharing information, expertise, and insight as well as required personal and business details (names, titles, experience, stories) that will be owned and shared by DRGN SLYR and East Idaho Credit Union. My/our contribution and communication will be professional, and I acknowledge that any comments considered to be inappropriate will be removed. I/we have permission to link to the show/episode from my business website and social medial accounts, provided that such sites are considered professional and are not in any way associated with activities that are illicit or that may threaten, defame, harass, misrepresent, or offend any person or entity. The DRGN SLYR Podcast reserves the right to request the removal of any links or affiliate references and will oblige accordingly within 5 business days.

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We cannot thank you enough for this opportunity to sit down and learn about your professional journey. Together we can help others slay dragons too. We want to accommodate you during our time together. Please feel free to share any non-alcoholic drinks or snacks that you enjoy!

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